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How long does it take to deliver a product quotation?

Sending quotes is a tense and time-consuming process for any company. After all, the quote largely determines whether or not you win the work. That’s why it is essential for the quotation process to run as smoothly as possible. 

How quickly you respond to a quotation request can greatly influence how customers perceive your business. If the process is lengthy, the customer might wonder if the work will also take a long time.

The complicated quote-to production process of a complex product manufacturer involves multiple departments including sales, estimating, engineering, and customer service and can lead to slow response, potential errors, and an increase in overall product lead time.

But how do you optimize your quotation process?

You want to generate interest and highlight your best points but if the quote takes too long or if the information is lacking or there is too much information, the customer might lose the interest.

Do you understand what the client is looking for? If you send a quote that doesn’t fit the demands of a client, you obviously won’t succeed.

The client will expect a customized offer and what better way to do it than through a custom 3D configurator?

In some industries, faster turnaround on quotations is a competitive edge.

By automating the quote-to-production process with a 3D configurator, sales and customer service personnel can dramatically reduce both the time taken to create a quote, and the whole quote-to-production process. 

Since all the information needed to produce an accurate quote is captured up front, the internal order department doesn’t have to go back to the dealer or sales rep to track down information that wasn’t included on the original order form. 

The 3D product configurator automates the creation of sales and production drawings, bills of material, and routings so the order gets to manufacturing faster, reducing the overall product delivery lead time.

By streamlining all or part of the quote-to-production process, reducing lead times, and eliminating or greatly reducing errors, configurators provide companies with a competitive edge, especially those companies with highly configurable, complex products.

Define your requirements carefully so you can select the right product for your company’s needs. 

The 3D configurator solution should be modular, allowing you to buy just the functionality you need today, but provide the functionality for the future.

Making the wrong choice and limiting your company’s options will not only limit the potential benefits, but also put your company at a severe disadvantage compared to your competition.

Hope this was helpful, for more information get in touch with us.

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